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USA Trains FEF & Heavyweights at ECLSTS 2018

YouTube channel “Dakman Productions” posted two videos showcasing USA Trains’ 1:29 scale UP FEF steam locomotive, and their six-axle heavyweight passenger cars.

There is no definite release date yet for the FEF-3. The heavyweights are scheduled for release in the Fall of 2018.

Link to USA Trains product pages: UP FEF-3Heavyweight Passenger Car.

Source: YouTube / USA Trains

PIKO Delivers G Scale BR 95

PIKO celebrated the delivery of one of their G scale highlights for 2018 – the BR 95 steam locomotive. The German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” steam locomotive is now available for € 899,00 (MSRP).

The full press release of the celebratory “Roll Out” press event can be found here: – Roll Out PIKO BR 95.

Here’s a first picture of PIKO’s biggest steam locomotive yet:

PIKO G Roll Out BR 95 DR

Source: PIKO

KISS Modellbahn Service Cancels RhB ABe 4/4 III & RhB Tmf 2/2

German small series manufacturer “KISS Modellbahn Service” announced the cancellation of the RhB ABe 4/4 III and RhB Tmf 2/2 locomotives. Both 1:22,5 Scale models of the Rhaetian Railway were announced by KMS last year, but production is now cancelled due to an unsatisfactory amount of pre-orders.

Source: KISS Modellbahn Service

ESU Delivers RhB Bernina Express Panoramic Cars

Last year, ESU announced the Swiss “Bernina Express” (BEX) panoramica cars in the service of the Rhaetian Railways (RhB) for 1:22,5 scale. They are now shipping the first batch of BEX cars (Era VI liveries), the Era V cars will be shipped after Easter.

The BEX panoramic cars were previously made by Kiss Modellbahnen. ESU acquired them from Kiss, and now sells them in their “Pullman” range with several improvements. MSRP € 399,00.

A list of the available cars from ESU:

  • 36350 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, Api 1303, red, RhB, Era VI
  • 36351 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, Api 1304, red, Era VI
  • 36352 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, Bps 2511, red, Era VI
  • 36353 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, Bp 2521, red, Era VI
  • 36354 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, Bp 2522, red, Era VI
  • 36355 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, Bp 2525, red, Era VI
  • 36356 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, A 1291, red, Era V
  • 36357 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, A 1292, red, Era V
  • 36358 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, B 2501, red, Era V
  • 36359 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, B 2502, red, Era V
  • 36360 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, B 2503, red, Era V
  • 36361 Passenger Car “Panoramawagen” BEX, RhB, B 2505, red, Era V

German shop FGB-Berlin has some pictures of the new models: Image 1 / Image 2 / Image 3.

Source: ESU