LGB Fall New Items 2017

LGB Summer New Items 2017 [EN] (PDF – 1,70 MB)
LGB Sommerneuheiten 2017 [DE] (PDF – 1,70 MB)
LGB Nouveautés d’été 2017 [FR] (PDF – 1,70 MB)
LGB Zomernieuws 2017 [NL] (PDF – 1,70 MB)

The PDF brochure above also include new items that were announced earlier. The list below shows only the ‘real’ new items.

Prices: MSRP 2017

24742 Steam Locomotive Spreewald, DEV, Era VI (Digital mfx with Sound and Smoke)

40551 Low-Side Gondola, DR, Era III

40552 Tank Car, DR, Era III

40553 High-Side Gondola, DR, Era III

40554 Stake Car, DR, Era III

40555 Tank Car, DR, Era III

42591 Fire Extinguishing Water Car, DR, Era IV, weathered

Source: LGB