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USA Trains FEF & Heavyweights at ECLSTS 2018

YouTube channel “Dakman Productions” posted two videos showcasing USA Trains’ 1:29 scale UP FEF steam locomotive, and their six-axle heavyweight passenger cars.

There is no definite release date yet for the FEF-3. The heavyweights are scheduled for release in the Fall of 2018.

Link to USA Trains product pages: UP FEF-3Heavyweight Passenger Car.

Source: YouTube / USA Trains

PIKO Delivers G Scale BR 95

PIKO celebrated the delivery of one of their G scale highlights for 2018 – the BR 95 steam locomotive. The German “Deutsche Reichsbahn” steam locomotive is now available for € 899,00 (MSRP).

The full press release of the celebratory “Roll Out” press event can be found here: piko.de – Roll Out PIKO BR 95.

Here’s a first picture of PIKO’s biggest steam locomotive yet:

PIKO G Roll Out BR 95 DR

Source: PIKO

Kiss Modellbahnen Announces 1 Scale BR 78 Steam Locomotive

German manufacturer Kiss Modellbahnen announced the German BR 78 steam locomotive in 1:32 scale. The BR 78 will be offered in seven variations at a price of € 2.690, with an additional price of € 250 for finescale wheelsets.

Kiss Modellbahnen 1 Scale BR 78

Link: Kiss Modellbahnen BR 78 [DE].

Märklin also announced the BR 78 steam locomotive earlier this year as a part of their 1 scale 2018 New Items range.

Source: Kiss Modellbahnen